Case 19: palms hospital traditional project analysis

Category: Science

Is anyone familiar with Case 19: Palms Hospital Traditional Project Analysis from Cases in Healthcare Finance 4th edition by Louis C. Gapenski? Pages 143-148… 


Additional Requirements 

Min Pages: 1 

Level of Detail: Show all work 

Other Requirements: I need all of the input data to help me complete this case:

Land initial cost

Land opportunity cost (and salvage value)

Building/equipment cost

Build/equipment salvage value

Procedures per day

Average net revenue per procedure

Labor costs

Utilities costs

Incremental overhead

Supply cost ($/procedure)

Inflation rate on charges

Inflation rate on costs

Tax rate

Revenues lost from inpatient surgeries

Reduction in inpatient surgery costs

Cost of capital

I have some of the data, but not sure how much I am on track.

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