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Several years ago, Q Magazine (a British contemporary culture journal) came up with a list of 100 Songs that Changed the World. You will create a case study for a “Song that Changed the World” using the Q Magazine selections as a guide (obviously, you cannot use one of those songs). The song you choose should be a any song at all from the mid-1950s to the present. You may use a song that is mentioned in the book, but do not choose one from the Audio Anthology.

Grading Rubric:

___10 creative / evocative tag line

___30 support for the claim made in tag line

___30 history/context of song

___20 grammar and flow of essay

___10 creative “look” of document


Use the 5 examples from Q Magazine or the sample project as ideas of how to arrange your article.You can use templates for a blank document from Word, Pages (but submit it in .pdf format first), Publisher, or any other office system. When you submit your final project, though, make sure that it is either a .pdf or .doc. 

Use pictures, quotes from the artist, lyric examples from songs, history-at-a-glance: how the song did on Billboard and other various charts, etc. Look up information about the history of the song and its importance during the time, and if it has had (or you think will have) lasting power in the world of music – and why. Make sure you support your claim in the tag line – why your chosen song (or artist) has changed the face of music! 

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