Case study lll | Human Resource Management homework help

Preparing employees for leadership roles they are ready for requires proper training. The purpose of this assignment is to research the Dow Chemical Leadership in Action program. As you are doing your research on this program using resources outside of the textbook, consider how you would have gone about creating a program like this and then complete the following assignment. 



  • Case 1 | pg 115-116 
    • Dow Chemical Develops Leaders by Sending Them to Work in Unfamiliar Surroundings

Assignment – answer the following questions, including the questions before your response. 

  1. Consider all of the steps and processes you have learned throughout this course when it comes to training and development. Utilizing the case study outline the steps you would have taken and tools you would have used to create a Leadership in Action program. 
  2. Could a Leadership in Action program be duplicated at other companies? Does the organization need to have an international presence to benefit from a program like this? Explain, support your explanation with research. 
  3. What were some of the perhaps unexpected benefits of the Leadership in Action program and how could they benefit Dow Chemical’s employees? How could the organization use the data on these benefits to prove return on investment (ROI)?

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