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M1a1 discussion | Business & Finance homework help

M1 Assignment 1 Discussion  Assignment 1: Opening Discussion—Introductions Begin this assignment by introducing yourself to classmates—giving your name, current occupation, and areas of interest that might be covered by this course.  Explain what you hope to achieve by completing this course. Next, share your ideas, observations, and experiences regarding capital budgeting.  Address the following: Why […]

Strategic philanthropy for organizations | Business & Finance homework help

Please note… Must be 100% original work, never sold before, not cut and paste off of the Internet! All plagiarism will be disputed! Please check your assignment for plagiarism before submitting at Assignment: Strategic Philanthropy for Organizations Research a Fortune 500 company, but do not use the same company you used for the Week […]

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  Assignment: Balance sheet 3.1– Income/Expense Statement 3.2– Spending Log 1.3 To keep your finances in order, it is important to know where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Setting goals and creating a budget is necessary for you to keep control of your finances. QUESTION  Now that you […]

Cba negotiation – due 6/2/19

DUE TOMORROW 6/2/19 BY 13:00! Analyze the following article: Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master Negotiators.  Describe a key point that stood out to you as a critical step you need to take in future negotiations.  What is one area you think you need to improve to be a better negotiator?  Also, explain the importance […]

Annual report: discussion forum | Business & Finance homework help

 Choose a publicly traded company and find its annual report (10K) on Scroll down to the area called “Filings and Forms” and click on “Search for Company files” and then click on “Company or fund name. . .” It’s probably the easiest to search by the company’s ticker symbol, but you can also use the […]

Healthcare question | Business & Finance homework help

As  a healthcare manager, it is critical that your employees value and  preserve the security and privacy of patient information.  What measures  might you put into place to encourage and monitor the security and  privacy of patient information? Answer the above in at least 400 words with at least 2 references. 

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   P6. Determine the present value if $5,000 is received in the future (i.e., at the end of each indicated time period) in each of the following situations :  a. 5 percent for ten years b. 7 percent for seven years  c. 9 percent for four years P9. Assume you are planning to invest $5,000 […]

Healthcare question | Business & Finance homework help

What  is the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory, and why is  it a useful tool for healthcare executives?  Describe why human  resources management is comprised of strategic and administrative  actions.  If you are responsible for researching the licensure for your  incoming healthcare professionals, where would you start? Must be 400+ words with at least 2 […]

Emotional intelligence and successful leadership

  For the first part of your paper, provide an overview of the leadership competencies associated with two different academic models of emotional intelligence and evaluate whether relationship-building is a substantive part of the definitions. Next, assess some of the social and economic consequences for failing to use emotional intelligence and relationship-building while leading an […]

Business & Finance homework help

  Every business or organization must utilize accounting to record, summarize and report business transactions.  While the focus in this course is the use of accounting within a business, the same concepts can be used on a personal level.   How can you use accounting to manage your personal finances?  What are the benefits of keeping […]