Computer Science

Sec 420 week 2 discussion

  Scanning for Exploits”  Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs, and have at least one response to another student of at least one paragraph: Suppose you work as a security analyst and during a weekly meeting your supervisor asks for your opinion about the ways in which the […]

Pos 221- week 3 – individual: group policy and storage

  Based on your Week Three Learning Team Collaboration discussion, write a 1- to 2-page technical document on how files and folders are protected on Wadley, Inc.’s network. This will become part of the final install, configuration, and support plan for Wadley, Inc. Include the installation and management of printers, disk management, physical drive options, […]

Case 2 business case: steve jobs’ shared vision project management

NO PLAGIARISM AND IN APA FORMAT Need it in 5-6 hrs and in 2-3 pages   Answer the following questions:  Steve Jobs shows the importance of people skills. Explain Jobs’ way of motivating people. For example, did he try to get everyone to like him? Did he try to get everyone to get along with […]

I need a lab assignment done in microsoft excel form

Save your Excel file. Make sure you are aware as to where your files are physically saved. Saving your file often is good practice (Ctrl + s). Your Excel file should contain six worksheets. Documentation Page Search Database Loan Descriptive Statistics Employee Satisfaction Submit one workbook to the Dropbox. When submitting the workbook, provide a […]

3 discussions and 3 case studies

Discussion 5.1 ( Executive leadership) How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed and affected the way day-to-day business operations are conducted? What are some of the lesson’s learned and experienced gained during the pandemic that enhance future business and company operations? Cite your reference for opinionated support.  Discussion 5.2 (Computer Forensic) Some virtual machines can be […]

Ethics | Computer Science homework help

  Select one current IT related online article (2017 sources or later) about a global ethical issue. Note that this assignment is not a general essay about the topic selected, it must be about the current event article that you have selected. In addition, please note that while articles from journals may be of interest, […]

Write in 500 words about the concept of information stores. Why is an understanding of how different clients store messaging information critical to the success of an email search?

Write in 500 words about the concept of information stores. Why is an understanding of how different clients store messaging information critical to the success of an email search?

Homework 5 | Computer Science homework help

1. What are some risks, threats, and vulnerabilities commonly found in the workstation domain that must       be mitigated through a layered security strategy?     48 Lab #6 | Auditing the Workstation Domain for Compliance       37524_Lab06_Pass3.indd 48 4/19/13 12:11 PM     Auditing the Workstation   Domain for Compliance […]

Cis 500 week 11 discussion

CIS 500 WEEK 11 DISCUSSION You have just completed 10 weeks of a CIS course. Imagine you have been asked to create five 1-hour modules highlighting the most important topics you have learned in this course.  o List the topics for each of your five 1-hour modules.  o Give a detailed rationale as to why […]

Database model draft | Computer Science homework help

  Create a database model according to the following steps: Create a simple class diagram containing three classes: Vehicle, Car, and Truck. Provide two attributes for each of these three classes. Create a rough sketch of a relational table that will store the objects belonging to the aforementioned three classes. Ensure you have tried all […]

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