9 DISCUSSIONS DUE IN 48 HOURS       Intelligence Would you consider yourself intelligent? How would you define intelligence? Measuring intelligence has been a part of the educational psychology discourse for many years. There are many ways to define and measure the intelligence of a person. You will be taking two different intelligence tests: an I.Q. […]

Power point presentation | ECE 600 Leadership, Innovation, and Social Justice in Early Childhood Education | Ashford University

ECE Leadership Innovation and Social Justice in Early Childhood Education The Summative Part II: Social Justice Presentation final project Introduction: Identify the purpose of your presentation Teacher Bias in Early Childhood Education-Black Males Social Justice:  Defend the importance of fostering a classroom environment free of Teacher Bias, equity pedagogies, and culturally relevant teaching in early […]

100 question political science 90 min limit

  91.  The fact that Americans want more government services but also want tax reduction shows that opinions are frequently   92.  The process by which individuals acquire their opinions is called   93.  During his first year as president, George W. Bush   94.  The American political culture affects public opinion primarily by   95.  Sources of polling error […]

Extra Credit

Questions for this Extra Credit Journal relate to the WBEZ and This American Life podcast episode “We Come From Small Places”: What is J’Ouvert? Where does the celebration of J’Ouvert originate? Why is it celebrated? Imani Brown’s segment:  What does Brown say playing devils (Jab Jabs) in mas represents? Marlon Bishops’ segment: What are […]

Entr430 assignment due sunday | Education homework help

For this assignment you apply the concepts of mission and vision to create your Business Description, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Personal Motivation.  Business Description  This section describes what the proposed business will do and what products or services it will produce or deliver to the customer. This should be specific and fully describe the […]

The united states and central america

The United States has repeatedly intervened in the affairs of many Latin American countries in the past century based upon the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary.  Briefly explain the two doctrines, and give an example of how each one has been applied in Central America. Select an example of U.S. intervention in a Latin […]

Science technology resources presentation | Education homework help

   Twenty-first-century teachers must prepare 21st-century students for college and careers. A large part of that preparation involves technology. Educators must be well versed in different types of technology conducive to integration into the science or health classroom. Design a 10-12 slide digital presentation for elementary educators demonstrating three types of technology that can be […]

Breadth and jurisdiction of us department of homeland security

  Part 1: Identify and describe the mission and responsibilities of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Discuss the DHS layout, members, organizational and procedural structure, chain of command, purpose, and mission of the department. Consider the following elements while preparing your response: 1. DHS Child Member Agencies 2. Coordination and Chain Of Command […]

discussion question

Addressing today’s problem with school violence is a complicated one. Use this Discussion Board thread to suggest and explain how you would implement change in school systems to make them safer. Was bullying or disrespectful treatment of a child a rooted cause for these horrible actions? What can schools do to better address the treatment […]

Supersessionism | Education homework help

Supersessionism aka Supercessionism aka Replacement Theology Listen to Rabbi Jack Zimmerman’s exposition and refutation of Supersessionism (aka Supercessionism aka Replacement Theology). Replacement Theology in 6 Minutes by Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman: a-Explain Supersessionism in your own words. (Notice that Romans 9 – 11 are key biblical chapters when considering this huge issue.) b-Explain what Rabbi […]