Ghost firearms- make the best choice of online!

With the flow of time, things have changed a lot and that is one of the reasons people are getting their desired products online so that they can choose accordingly. If you are thinking to get ghost firearms from the online website, a person is suggested to make sure that they read the detail of […]

Project management | Engineering homework help

   The purpose of project management is to increase successful software implementation. The article titled “7 Project Management Types and When to Use Them” provides multiple project management methodologies that maximize the success of projects. An example of a failed project can be found in The Global Backlash Against Facebook’s Digital Currency Project. (3:38). Identify […]

Crisis management plan | Engineering homework help

Pick an industry/company to focus on for this assignment.  Based upon the given information you can find on the company and any past issues/breaches the company has gone through, create Crisis Management Plan   Introduction – brief background of company and any issues the company has had in the past such as data breaches  Strategies […]

Status report | Engineering homework help

   You will provide a detailed project presentation for your new information system project. Because of its importance to the organization, your presentation must be thoughtful and visually appealing. To help you stay on track for this three-week effort, the executives have assigned you a project manager. For each week leading up to the presentation, […]

Involvement of law enforcement in organization

 When law enforcement becomes involved, the need may arise to freeze systems as part of the evidence. There is also the likelihood that the incident will become known publicly. Do you think these issues play a significant part in the decision to involve law enforcement? Why or why not? Can you name some situations in […]

Business value dashboard | Engineering homework help

   Please respond to the following: Read the article, “Business Value Dashboard” Then, find an organization that has adopted a real-time dashboard for its internal use within the last three years. Do not repeat examples from the textbook. Please respond to the following: What are the most important parts of this dashboard? How do these […]

Problem of process ingeneering | Engineering homework help

 I have a serie of problems due next week but I dont think I can finnish all in time, so i need help with at least two of these problems. They are process problems, some of them already have solution but the task is about making a complete understanding of the problem and the solutions. […]

Operations research batching | Engineering homework help

 You have a two step process for manufacturing tools. The first step is  fabrication operation which requires a set-up. The setup time is 15  minutes and the nominal processing time is 0.5 minutes per part. The  second process is a batch furnace. The nominal heat treatment time is 2  hours and the furnace can process […]

Mysql project part 2 – ad hoc reporting | TBDA 2.0

   Project 2 Overview Project Overview Project Part 2 – Ad Hoc Reporting As an analyst, you are likely to receive a number of one-off requests to provide answers to a variety of business questions. These requests can be time-sensitive and demand that you turn around a summary of your findings quickly. You will also […]

Marketplace | Engineering homework help

  Please respond to the following: The executive management team of a medium-sized business wants to be more customer-focused in the marketplace. Because you oversee the CRM, you have been assigned to support the newly created social media marketing plan: Describe the best steps to identify customers and the different ways they contact your company. […]

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