Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content)

Instructions for the Article Review Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content) published within the last 12 months in a peer-reviewed journal from the online library, then present at least a 15 (title and reference slides do not count) slide power point presentation assessment comprising of a precise and critical evaluation. Do not summarize the article. Evaluate the […]

Reading activity | English homework help

Unit 5: Reading Activity Directions: For the Reading Activity answer the following questions completely in a word processing document then attach and submit by clicking on the “Unit 5: Reading Activity” link above to submit your assignment. Please make sure you are submitting your assignment as an attachment in either .doc or PDF format.  Assignments […]

Your professional experience assignment is to choose an unanswered

   Your Professional Experience assignment is to choose an unanswered frequently asked question from the “Wk3_FAQ” document. Next, provide the best answer possible (within 20-50 words), cite your source (APA style references page entry for outside source or in-text citation including page number for textbook) and put your name in the “Employee” section.  Finally, submit […]

Career management: final paper: 1, 5, 10-year plan

For your final paper, you’re going to build on many of the foundational principles we’ve discussed over the course of the semester in 3 distinct phases. Read this webpage and watch the embedded video: SWOT ANALYSIS LINK: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05_1.htm (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Phase 1:Your culminating activity will involve determining your major goal(s) […]

Week 8 discussion | English homework help

The reading resources for this week discuss the “Dark Side of Consumption”  identify and briefly explain one specific area of our US marketplace that is wrought with trouble.  Briefly explain how or who should rectify the issues of this “dark area”. Please embed an example that demonstrates the topic this week “The Dark Side of […]

Due in 9hrs. essay | English homework help

Objective: In a well-organized, thesis-driven essay of 4-5 pages, you will be discussing the future of dating, relationships, or friendship. Option 1: Explain what the dating landscape will look like twenty years from now. (2038) Approach the paper from a technological slant. How will technology shape the way people interact “on the dating scene?” Will […]

Poem experience | English homework help

For this experiment, we’re going to get inspired by two interesting forms in the book: the couplet (as seen in “Cerebrum corpus monstrum”) and the permutation poem. (as seen in “My heart is full of practical folklore”). (those one-page readings are attached in files) Brainstorming: After reading “My heart is full of practical folklore,” think […]

Music homework | English homework help

  Please listen to a Die Moldau by Bedrich Smetana  paying close attention to your imagination and your emotions.   Listen once to get an overall impression of the piece. Then listen again, taking notes on your feelings, impressions, and imaginings. Make sure that your reactions are directly and sincerely connected to the moods and suggestions […]

Tori morrison sula novel | English homework help

Choose only ONE of the following options and write a post that agrees OR disagrees with the assertion. Cite specific scenes and/or use specific quotes from the novel to support your position. Your answer should be written in no fewer than 200 words. When you are done posting your response, reply to at least one […]

Journal entry about the military (navy)

Reflections, integration and application.  Think about how you and/or your organization’s leaders might use research in their strategic decision making process.  Journaling is a lifelong learning habit.  Journals are to be maintained in one cumulative Word document for the full semester. Students will submit their Journal to their Facilitator each week using the Assignment tool […]