Environmental Science

Nonrenewable Resources

Assignment 1: Discussion—Renewable Resources   Each type of proposed renewable energy has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, hydropower has the benefit of relatively consistent results; however, it remains controversial due to its impact on aquatic environments.   For this assignment, select one renewable resource to examine its benefits and drawbacks.   Using this module’s […]

Catholic University of America Environmental Essay

Description Assignment Now that you know how to get a professional journal article using PubMed (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/), your participation for this week will be to use the search engine to find and download a review article relevant to the water reading material. Your assignment will be to read the article and: 1.)Post the article (10 points) […]

1) State the major components of a safety and health plan, describe each component, and discuss how you would structure…

1) State the major components of a safety and health plan, describe each component, and discuss how you would structure each component of the plan on a construction site that you are in control . Use the safety and health program evaluation checklist as a guide to aid in structuring your plan.    2) Outline […]

Analysis of Pollution Discussion

Description Compare and Contrast the Donora 1948 and the London Smog 1952. Then talk specifically about what has been done to ensure that something like this never happens again? In Clairton PA, what is your opinion on this situation? How would you go about educating the Workers and what information would you share with them? […]

Rutgers Newark Environmental Science Paper

Description My term for this written assignment is “active solar energy”  *The instructor does not allow direct quotes, all sources must be APA cited as paraphrase or summary, course e-book has to be one of the sources used in addition to scholarly sources. Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 7 and 8 […]

hazard mitigation analysis

Utilizing your home community (or other location of interest) develop a comprehensive hazard mitigation analysis for that community. The analysis should be between 4–6 pages and include relevant supporting data and analysis.The analysis must also include the following components:• Executive Summary• Methodology of analysis• Types and descriptions of hazards• Risk assessment for hazard reduction• Recommended […]

Influence of Earth on Human Systems Discussion

Description 1. Learning Objective: Analyze the influence of Earth on human systems and vice versa Earth,  it’s complicated. Why is Earth so rare and complex? How do humans  affect the Earth? How does Earth affect human societies? Feel free to include a  photo to connect others with your writing (6-8 sentences long) 2. Learning Objective: […]

Please see 2 question assignnment in Description box. Both questions must be 200 words in length.

1.  Contrast sustainability in the United States vs. sustainability in third world countries.  What aspects of successful “sustainable developments” that have been accomplished in the United States can be transferred or implemented in a third world country?    Be specific with responses to all of the questions.  Must be 200 words in length.   2.  […]

Florida International University Community Essay

Description Each student is required to participate in an off-campus activity during the semester. Each student will identify an Open Space Resource (i.e., local park) and a shopping development (i.e., mall, corner shopping center, etc.) in the community and compare the land use practices. The report shall focus on the vegetation coverage, uses of concrete […]

The Final Paper

Note:   I need you to elaborate this paper from 6 pages to 10-12 pages following the instructions of writing final paper given below. You can use the same content you did in this paper but must highlight it to get my professor idea about it. Make sure to add headings for each section to […]