Environmental Science

Fire protection technology | Environmental science homework help

Write an essay demonstrating the importance of NFPA Standard 25 and how the standard positively influences fire protection and firefighter safety.  Your response must be at least one page in length, double spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying […]

Recycling, reducing, and reusing | Environmental science homework help

Assignment 2: Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing In the Working Ahead section in Modules 1, 2, and 3, you were informed to collect items to be recycled and log a journal of these items. You were also instructed to select either Module 2 or Module 3 to collect these items. Your assignment in this module is to submit your weeklong Recycling […]

lasa 2: examining your community’s source of energy

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Examining Your Community’s Source of Energy It is easy to criticize society for not using renewable resources, but in reality, how difficult would this transition be? What processes and procedures would be involved? How would such a transition be made? The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider what […]

For rey writer only!!!!!!!!!! | Environmental science homework help

  Answer each of the following questions thoroughly. Provide each answer with scientific/technical detail. For certain questions you may need to supplement your answers with statistics or relevant examples. Be sure to acknowledge and cite your sources properly, preferably in APA style.   1.    Identify the one environmental hazard you think we should be most […]

Case study | Environmental science homework help

  You have been hired as a consultant by your town’s emergency management coordinator to help develop emergency action plans. One of the reasons you were selected is your expertise in using the General Behavior Model (GEBMO) to assess risks. Your first task is to assess the hazardous material risks at a local gas station. […]

Interactions of hazardous materials | Environmental science homework help

Question : Coal is mined worldwide for use mainly at power plants to generate electricity. 1. Discuss why coal in a crushed, granulated, or pulverized form spontaneously combusts? In addition, what health effects are associated with coal dust? 2. Another form of carbon is activated carbon. Discuss what activated carbon is, and provide at least […]

2 pages paper on environmental engineering

  2 pages, single spaced, make sure your info and arguments are concise and cogent. The transportation industry produces some of the largest quantities of emissions. Describe what you think is the best, or will be the best, alternative to the internal combustion engine’s use of fossil fuels. You may simply reject the internal combustion […]

Final exams | Environmental science homework help

                                                                                    ENVSCI 120 Final—Part I Individual Part (75 points) A.) Yse your sources of information to support your arguments, and focus on the problem.  Simply quoting web sources will not be rewarded significantly.  B.) Please type if possible.  Feel free to write in figures, drawings, and equations if necessary by hand.       O1.) […]

Enviromental unit2 | Environmental science homework help

Unit II Article Critique Review “Environmental Influences on Human Migration i n Rural Ecuador ” by Clark Gray and Richard Bilsborrow from the Unit II Reading Assignment. Provide an opinion as to what drives human migration and what effects it has on the environment. Your response must be at least 400 words in length. All […]

Interactions of hazardous materials | Environmental science homework help

Question : Sulfur is one of the world’s most important raw materials. Fires involving sulfur pose some unique hazards. 1. Why are secondary fires likely to result near burning bulk quantities of sulfur? What precautions should be taken to prevent these secondary fires? 2. What are the two common allotropes of sulfur? Discuss some commercial […]