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Discussion questions | Environmental science homework help

I need you to answer the following questions based on your knowledge in 3.5 pages half a page for each question. DQ#6 1) What Disease or Illness are you predisposed or do you think will cause your death someday? 2) What Risks do you take or Risk factors are you concerned with? 3) With your […]

Hn300-3: identify skills to influence social policy.

This Assignment assesses the following course outcomes: HN300-3: Identify skills to influence social policy. GEL-6.5: Use electronic libraries/databases for research. As a human service professional it is important to be aware of policies that exist to meet the needs of a population, to be able to assess the effectiveness of these policies and to understand […]

Sci assignment 1: lasa 2: examining your community’s source of energy

  Assignment 1: LASA 2: Examining Your Community’s Source of Energy It is easy to criticize society for not using renewable resources, but in reality, how difficult would this transition be? What processes and procedures would be involved? How would such a transition be made? The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider […]

Accident investigation unit v assignment

Unit V Assignment Barrier Analysis Worksheet Project Read the U.S. Chemical Safety Board investigation report of the 2007 propane explosion at the Little General Store in Ghent, WV. The final report can be read/downloaded at the following link: http://www.csb.gov/assets/1/19/CSBFinalReportLittleGeneral.pdf. Additional information on the incident, including a video summary, can be found at the following link: […]

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Final Project Here is where you will submit your final project that you were introduced to in week 6, please review the instructions below and submit the project when you are finished by the due date. Your final project should be creative and interesting, and should be a minimum of 6 pages in length not […]

economics of sustainability | Environmental science homework help

 As with most decisions that involve public policy, the economy can be a driving factor in developing a sustainability plan. With this in mind, what importance do you think economics should play in the development of such a plan? Describe the point at which you believe sustainability becomes too expensive to pursue. Support your arguments […]

Do you have anyone that know environmental writing

You are to choose an environmental topic for your first research report assignment.  The topic should be an issue on which there are at least two opposing interest groups.  In other words, it is to be a controversial topic.  You must submit this topic for approval and state which position you will be advocating for […]

Discussion 3- air pollution | Environmental science homework help

This week you studied air pollution and the efforts to try and reduce the amounts of air pollution in specific countries. The discussion this week follows a similar path and poses a question regarding global warming.  Most climate experts believe that the Earth is currently experiencing global warming. Your textbook discusses efforts to model how […]

Waste assignment | Environmental science homework help

In 2012, Americans alone produced over 250 million tons of garbage. One large component of this waste consisted of oil based plastic bags, which are utilized excessively by grocers, restaurants, and stores nationwide. In order to reduce this source of waste, many countries are banning plastic bags or taxing customers for their use. For your […]