Environmental Science

Module 02 environmental controversy – immigration and population in

This week’s environmental controversy focuses on the question: should Immigration into the US be reduced? Review the background information. Then, using the References along with resources from your own research, write a 3 page response to the questions that follow. Remember to cite your sources using proper APA format. Must have at least 1-2 references […]

Will robots take your job?

 Investigate, review, and present on “The computer revolution” (Unit 5) on Issue 15 (see textbook page 229). Present your thoughts regarding the selected issue and defend your thoughts pertaining to the technology in a full page briefing (~400 words). 2 additional references 

The modern workplace | Environmental science homework help

Write a concise paragraph that encompasses each of the following questions to facilitate a class discussion: What is the modern workplace? How can technology promote a positive workplace? What are the barriers to introducing new tech? What’s the best advice for implementing new tech? What does the future of digital transformation look like? To prepare, what […]

Ceer | Environmental science homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to increase your awareness of environmental events – many of which have significant impact on all of us yet rarely show up in mainstream media. Through this assignment, you will connect your readings and Forum Discussions to the “real world” and in doing so, begin to see the interrelatedness […]

Csa1: exploring global indicators, creating local indicators

Write about 1250 word After reviewing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Links to an external site.) choose one goal to focus on for this assignment. Chosen Sustainable Development Goal: 1. Framing the problem (15 points) In two to three paragraphs, describe the sustainability problem that this goal is designed to ameliorate.  Use specific information from the […]

Advanced industrial hygiene | Environmental science homework help

CAN ANYONE COMPLETE THIS 3.5 hrs OR LESS? 1. Summarize how an industrial hygienist can use toxicology data to perform a risk assessment for an occupational chemical exposure.Your response must be at least 75 words in length. 2. Explain ways an industrial hygienist might get called on to help a company manage compliance with Environmental […]

Turkey point: more questions than answers?

Turkey Point: More Questions Than Answers? The Turkey Point nuclear power station was built in 1972 by Florida Power & Light Corporation on the shore of Biscayne Bay about 25 miles south of Downtown Miami. It is the largest electrical power generating station in Florida and the sixth largest in the United States. FPL has […]

Genv 205 week 6 chapter 12 quiz

Quiz 1) Of the following risks to human health, which causes the most human deaths?(1pts) Consumer risks Chemical risks Biological risks Personal risks Physical risks 2) Which of the following would be classified as infectious diseases? I. PneumoniaII. MalariaIII. Measles(1pts) I only II only I and II only I and III only I, II, and […]

Project proposal | Environmental science homework help

Before undertaking the actual case study, you will submit a proposal in the Semester Project Proposal assignment folder. Your proposal must include a minimum of one paragraph on:  The environmental issue that you will investigate, including general background about your selected topic and the geographic area in question an explanation of the controversy (i.e. at […]

Write a discussion- ensuring public safety

Consider an essential laboratory process (e.g., for vaccine development) that creates exceptionally hazardous particulate air pollutants such as viable pathogens for which there are no existing vaccines or cures to protect humans (current pandemic is a good example).  Suggest two or three practices that could be used to insure the safety of the general public […]