Environmental Science

Domestic water use | Environmental science homework help

A lab must be completed! Below are the data, A new graph must be created to fulfill the rubric and a 2 page analysis must be written, giving the back ground of the South Florida, the Biscayne Aquifer and then analyzing the data and giving a final result. Rubric:  15.0 pts Excellent (Must have 8 […]

Brief description about an environmental event

The Environmental Events Log is where students will write a brief description about an environmental event that they learned about. An environmental event can be a weather event, release of new research findings, environmental monitoring or measurement results, or other type of activity specifically related to course content and that occurred since January 1, 2015. […]

I need this paper to be done completely, please follow the

   NYC Neighborhood Health Profile Paper: This a paper is the product of an Internet-based epidemiological fact-finding assignment. Using the “Environmental & Health Data Portal” of the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s website (http://a816-dohbesp.nyc.gov/IndicatorPublic/QuickView.aspx) students will be required to describe the most recently available epidemiological data of a NYC neighborhood in the following […]

Ecosystem structure and function | Environmental science homework help

Assignment Details Ecologists group together the living things in an ecosystem by their feeding habits. Producers use photosynthesis to make food by harnessing the energy of sunlight. Consumers eat plants and each other. All organisms produce waste that is recycled by decomposers. The interactions of these organisms create a food web. Humans often disturb ecosystems […]

Osha case study | Environmental science homework help

  Consider the scenario below: Workers need to enter a below-ground, concrete-lined vault to repair a leaking valve that controls the flow of wastewater from several buildings at your plant. The opening for the pit is outdoors and secured with a 36-inch diameter manhole cover. The pit is 12 feet deep, and the walls are […]

Mscr 1100: film 101 | Environmental science homework help

      Essay (2-3 Pages, Double-Spaced)  Due via Turnitin on the course blackboard, 11:00 PM, January 24.  Late papers are marked down 5% for each day it is late.  Previous paper asked for a close reading of one sequence through one particular text, the this paper asks you to apply all of the formal, historical, and […]

The answer | Environmental science homework help

 Pick ONE environmental law or regulation, explain its history, purpose and goals in detail, and evaluate its successes and failures since enactment. Use subsequent court and legislative events, as well as information from the internet and/or printed literature, to help in your evaluation. Most students pick the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Clean Air Act […]

Part #1 annotated bibliography part #2create an academic poster

Part #1 Annotated Bibliography APA Formatting In Text Citations For this assignment, you will choose a topic and research sources for your final project. In Unit VIII of this course, you will be developing an academic poster using PowerPoint on one of the issues covered in this course. You may choose any of the issues […]

Course project: developed outline | Environmental science homework help

  Students will submit a developed outline that includes main ideas, key points of evidence, and preliminary analyses of their assigned sections of the Course Project. The outline should address an analysis of the chosen technology’s influence on society, considering all of the following components: social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental impacts. This is an […]

Short answer | Environmental science homework help

 Instructions: Write an essay that describes the missions, organization structures, and major programs of Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). In describing their missions, please discuss their role in the Federal environmental arena.  350 word minimum APA format 2 scholarly references Plagiarism free

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