Environmental Science

Research methods | Environmental science homework help

Now that you have completed the first six assignments, it is time to complete your research project for the course. Include the following sections in your submission. Title Page Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Statement of the Problems Literature Review Research Objectives Research Questions and Hypotheses Research Methodology, Design, and Methods Research Methodology Research […]

Hieracy | Environmental science homework help

Hetch Hetchy Case Study 1. What were some of your first thoughts about the Hetch Hetchy Valley prior to the beginning of the dam construction? Would it be a place you would have liked to visit and spend time exploring or would you not be interested in something like that? Why or why not? 2. […]

Mos 6301 advanced industrial hygiene unit 8 research paper

Course Textbook APA Citation:   Plog, B. A., & Quinlan, P. (2012). Fundamentals of industrial hygiene (6th ed.). Itasca, IL: National Safety Council.     Unit 8 Research Paper. Each student will research an industrial hygiene sampling event and develop a comprehensive exposure assessment report. Students can select from: ·        Asbestos exposure from the World […]

Deliverable 4 – food resiliency management plan

  Competency Analyze the importance of water and soil in the production and distribution of food. Scenario You have been hired as an environmental scientist for a local firm. For your first project, you are asked to construct a food resiliency plan for your firm. Given our changing global climate, growing population, overuse and scarcity […]

Advanced solid waste management | Environmental science homework help

1)   review some articles on landfills and on compost piles. This assignment is not about summarizing these operations but about analyzing and comparing the differences between these two fundamental principles of solid waste management. Describe when and why each of these fundamentals is appropriate for use to manage municipal solid waste. Include in your discussion […]

Geography 600 | Environmental science homework help

GEOG/ENVS 600 FINAL EXAM PART 2 – SHORT ESSAYS  INSTRUCTIONS: Choose TWO prompts from the following list and respond to BOTH for the essay portion of your final exam. Aim for about 1 page/500 words for each response. Submit your responses in one document via the Turnitin link in iLearn before Friday, December 18 at […]

Dark water essay | Environmental science homework help

 Watch movie Dark Waters (2019) and write a 2 page, double spaced, 12 size, times new roman font on environmental legislation, What environmental legislation was referenced in the movie- why did it apply to the case presented? In what ways does environmental legislation work and in what ways does it fail? 

Drup proposal to treat cancer

 Recent studies support the potential of a drug that is derived from the metal iridium to effectively treat cancer. This experimental drug, Drug ZL105, has not been tested for efficacy and toxicity. Imagine that you are the one responsible for approving or denying the use of this drug within the United States. Your job is […]

Unit 6 | Environmental science homework help

 Developing the Outline Develop a thesis and detailed outline for your final paper topic. The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for the research proposal due in Unit VII. Include at least the following elements in your outline: an APA formatted title page, a thesis for the introduction, the purpose of your […]

Essay question | Environmental science homework help

 Think back to a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Matthew in 2016 or Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Which two specialized fields of toxicology do you think would be involved in assessing some of the health risks and/or environmental issues involved in the aftermath of the storms. Why? What do you think would be their main […]