Geology of american national park

  Acadia National Park and other coastal and lowland parks like the Everglades National Park, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Point Reyes National Seashore, etc. are all experiencing issues of flooding and erosion with gradually rising sea level. How fast is sea level rising on the basis of current data? Why does the warming climate result […]

Need a report done | Geology homework help

First, choose a food item, cuisine, invention, or idea that interests you. Some will have more information available about them than others, so it’s worth doing some investigation before you settle on one. If you’re not sure if your desired topic is appropriate, please feel free to ask! Once you have selected your topic, you […]

1 page , 3 paragraphs on earthquake myths

 I have attached a list of different earthquake myths. the homework assignment requires you to choose any THREE earthquake myths and try to explain why they are in fact incorrect. You can use credible sources like the USGS, SCEC, etc. You must write at least a paragraph per myth to explain why it is incorrect. Earthquake myth list:  […]

Term paper | Geology homework help

One of the most important general abilities of any geoscientist is their ability to read, interpret, and generate questions about written materials. The ability to then research and find answers is imperative. You will read the book Basin and Range included in the anthology Annals of the Former Worldby John McPhee. You will identify three […]

Geology videos | Geology homework help

watch the below 7 videos and write summary of each in 200 words. YOU MUST BE FROM AMERICA ELSE WONT BE ABLE TO OPEN THESE… NEED IT BY TONIGHT  Video 6– Video 7– Video 8– Video 9– Video 10– Video 11– Video 12– 

Meal planning for lipids | Geology homework help

Respond to the following questions in complete sentences and paragraphs. This section should be at least 200 words. What is the AMDR for fat in the diet? What was your perception of dietary fat before reading this week’s resources? How has your perception changed? Below is a sample one-day menu for Mrs. Smith. Her doctor just […]

Research a significant paleontology (fossils) discovery in the past

Research a significant paleontology (fossils)  discovery  in the past 30 years. In three typed double-spaced (or less than double-spaced if you have more to say) report on:  What was discovered, where? how, and when? How does this discovery change our understanding of life/ evolution/ extinction. Why it is significant? What the skeptics say and what are the […]

Global change & earth science/ what makes a planet habitable?

What Makes a Planet Habitable The geological history of Earth and the history of life on Earth are intricately intertwined. Earth would be a very different place today if life had not evolved on Earth, and at the same time geological events have greatly affected the course that evolution has taken on Earth. Considering these […]

Scientific method | Geology homework help

Overview The purpose of this discussion and the material that informs it is to insure that you understand the process of science, how scientific integrity is maintained, and to muse upon why the degree of science denial in the U.S. is greater than it was in the recent past. In this first graded discussion you […]

Erta ale | Geology homework help

2 pages about Erta Ale which is located in Ethiopia, the largest permanent lava lake on earth(Erupting lava lake ) you can watch this link to know about Erta ale. -What makes Ethiopia Erta ale volcano so interesting? -How is it related from the biggest volcanoes in the world? -How LAVA lake form? -How […]