THIS ASSAIGNMENT ABOUT NATIONAL SECURITY   Watch this short video :     in one page (single space) write your assessment and analysis of what you see.  incorporate into your analysis: important ((((((((How is that mass population can terror the national security in our world?)))))))) important How is the world changing?  What is the […]

CRJ420 Week9 Assignment 4

Assignment 4: Professionalism, Accountability, Best Practices, and Ethics in Emergency Management   As within any profession, there are rules and standards of conduct in the field of emergency and crisis management.    Write a five to eight (5-8) page paper in which you:  1.Determine two (2) standardized actions and ethical practices that emergency management practitioners […]

Respond to Discussion Question

The country selected for this discussion is United Kingdom. The emergency management structure in the United Kingdom is very similar to the United States as it relates to risk assessment and mitigation (Sylves, 2015). The United Kingdom also looks to mitigate and conduct risks assessments on all types of hazards. For example, just like in […]


Using one of the reports found on the following website(if the link doesn’t work by clickin – please cut and paste it into your browser)   develop a powerpoint presentation and screencast with both a visual and verbal summary of one of the reports.  Your presentation should start with an overview of the report; address potential […]

2 Page Government Paper

Write a full and complete answer to the question You answers must be thoroughly researched, and your research sources cited in MLA or AP format. Be sure that you show how you used those sources within the body of your paper using footnotes. Please, do not cite the sources (below) as your own research! . […]


Overview of Trends in School Violence-VIRTUAL VISIT. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, YOU WILL NEED TO GET TWO ARTICLES FROM GOOGLE SCHOLAR AND COMPLETE A VIRTUAL VISIT ON BOTH ARTICLES.  PLEASE SEARCH Overview of Trends In School Violence.  Virtual visit instructions below……………………… Instructions for a Virtual Visit:     First, using the internet find an article relative to the […]

persuading people

  Instructions Read Case Activity: Persuading People to Help Fund-Raise on page 168 of your text. Answer the Writing Prompt questions.In the Assignment Submission area, click Write Submission to type your response, or copy and paste your response directly into the screen. You may also click Browse My Computer to attach a file containing your […]

Homework Assignment

Outline This assignment allows you to take another step toward completing the final project in this course. First, click here to look over the Large-Scale Incident Management (LSIM) PowerPoint (Please note that this is a condensed version from the one found on the CD). Click here for a PDF version of the presentation. Based on […]

“Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]”

In your first paragraph, summarize what King’s major points are in the letter. Consider: What was the purpose of the Letter from a Birmingham Jail?  Why was King more troubled by the White moderate than the KKK?  What does King view as the reason for law and order, and how is that different from how the […]

Homeland Security Homework

Complete the below listed assignment using APA format, and strictly following the below listed instructions Write an essay that should discuss the following items: the roles social media and the Internet play in helping to increase the terror threat within the United States; how previous domestic terror attacks including the attacks at the World Trade […]