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What steps should be taken when establishing public policy? Do you think that a normal person is aware of policy and how it is formulated and implemented? Please contrast the theories Top-Down and Bottom-Up and how they associate to public policy. Lastly, what is important for a policy to be considered “the real deal?”  Need […]

Assignment local and state government  Assignment 7: Chpt. 13, 14, 15Instructions This assignment covers three chapters (30 points). Chapter 13: 1. Discuss the meaning of the NIMBY syndrome.  2. What does NIMBY mean? Discuss it as it applies to wind power in the video. Apply the NIMBY principle to a specific controversy in your neighborhood, town, district.  3. What does […]

Research a current public policy in the state of Florida, either recently enacted or under consideration. These [Resources]( help you…

Research a current public policy in the state of florida, either | Government homework help dud017 Research a current public policy in the state of Florida, either recently enacted or under consideration. These Resourceswill help you begin your work. The list below provides examples of popular public policy topics that may help you narrow your […]

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Part 1: Government websites by State/local questions from Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3 Your task is Search for government website within from your LA county district#  Submit (3) websites relevant to (3) questions from readings documents, Governing Cal. State & Local Governments-3 below:   Choose 3  questions choices from the following:   Example of local […]

Service Project Assessment

Page 1 of 1 01.04 Service Project: Assessment Assessment © 2012 Pixland/Thinkstock You should now be ready to plan your citizenship experience through serving others in your community. You will submit information about this experience to your instructor in two parts. Complete Part A now, your plan for service. You must submit Part B, the […]

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 -Done by Sunday at 8 pm in Pacific Time Zone Read “The Decline of Collective Responsibility in American Politics” and respond to the following questions.   -What is each essay’s main point regarding polarization in the electorate?     -How does each author support their respective points (what “evidence” is used to make their respective points)?   -Which argument do you think is most […]


To complete the Work Product Assessment, you will select a recent (within the last 5 years) national or state health policy that has had substantial impact on healthcare consumers. Specifically, you will be looking at a high-impact health policy to analyze the diverse and divergent perspectives that informed its development and then to assess its […]

Representation in Congress

  Instructions Research the proportion of women, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and openly gay or lesbian members of Congress. Reflect on what these patterns say about the nature of representation. Why do some groups tend to be underrepresented in Congress? Why do you see a trend in which more women and […]

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Answer the questions after reading the book and be careful for these: 1- just answer , there’s no secific length. 1- use easy  words and simple english. 2-no plagiarism . because i will in addition to submitting thesis to Turnitin 3- highlight the answer on the book , and mention the answer pages on the answer […]

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  Watch the video clip “American Foreign Policy from Truman to Obama,” and answer the question below. Which foreign policy style described by the author involves an all-out approach to problem solving involving military, political, and economic affairs? Isolationism Maximalism Retrenchment Cyclicalism 2. In terms of the influence of public opinion on foreign policy […]