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Text- The Classic Slum (salford life in the first quarter of the century) by Robert Roberts  Question: Analyze the book and relate it to how it connects with the history of Britain at that time. Quote the text in the paper with proper citations and sources. 9 pages.

Review of the course | History homework help

 1) Write a reflection of your learning in this Introduction to Africana Studies course. Yes, this is an opinion piece but it can still be referenced. Make reference to the textbook, the presentations, and the documentaries. How would you explain the essence of this class to a student who has not taken it before? 3 […]

Response 3 | History homework help

200 words  In the quote, The Dalai Lama states, “in general terms, all others’ desires are the same as mine. Every being wants happiness and does not want suffering.”(304)In the quote, he universalizes the want for happiness amongst all human beings. This universal want, transitions from an individual want or concern for the interest of […]

President paper | History homework help

   Presidential Strategies Paper  Beginning with President Eisenhower and finishing with President Nixon, many different approaches to the situation in Vietnam revealed themselves. Did these leaders’ approaches to the war reflect the changing political, cultural, and societal atmospheres outside of Vietnam? You will create a presentation or write a paper comparing and contrasting the strategies […]

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At least 200 words, No Plag,.. Should people just say “live and let live” when they look at the practices of another culture that they find objectionable?  Begin by reading this short article, Cultural Relativism vs. Ethical Relativism, and then answer the following questions: What is cultural relativism? What is ethical relativism? What, if any, […]

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# I NEED a PRESENTATION ABOUT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING > 2-The most beautiful paintings in history. 3-The history of high heels. 11-The role of cats throughout history. 12-Interesting cultures 13-An impressive world record 14-Best places for scuba diving 15-Exotic pets 16-The early Internet i need 5 slides PowerPoint that includes picture and information about […]

Sophoclean essay (the ancient myth of oedipus)

 I need 2 different topics of  the ancient myth of Oedipus. Each Paper has 3 pages, so the total is 6 pages. Everything is attached in the below.    [This assignment is an essay that reflects your thoughts about Sophocles and two of his plays that are related to the ancient myth of Oedipus.  The […]

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The exam will have three essay questions. Questions will be drawn from all assigned texts, readings, and videos. Each answer should be completed in a concise but well-written essay, about 200-300 words long. You do not need to add exact quotes or cite specific page numbers, but you do need to be as detailed as […]

Writting essay | History homework help

  The goal of the Argumentative Essay is to examine a number of primary sources and make a well-reasoned argument based on those sources. The subject for Fall 2018 is Westward Expansion/Manifest Destiny and how it affected US citizens, Native Americans, Hispanic communities, Chinese laborers, and slavery. In order to do well on the essay, […]

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Though colonialism may have officially ended, the effects of colonialism are still very much present today. This is true in modern-day Africa.    Review the following resources for additional information on the slave trade in Africa:  Select 1 of the following countries from which the most slaves originated:  Democratic Republic of the Congo   Ghana […]

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