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  Identify, contextualize, and comparatively analyze these two pieces of art :1) Madonna with the long neck by Parmigianino Style movement – Mannerism 2)Madonna Of Meadow by Rafael Style : High Renaissance Craft an introduction that gives your reader the WHAT and the WHY.a) What? What are you comparing? What are you contrasting? Your introduction […]

Discussion: 1763 treaty of paris

Read Chapters 3-4 and the information provided regarding the 1763 Treaty of Paris, which ended the Seven Year’s War. Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items: What concessions are forced upon France by England, the victor, and what does England give in return? How significant a role do New World possessions seem […]

1 page answer based on the readings (files added)

1. How was clothing, body movement, furniture and interiors utilized to uphold status in 18th century France? Cite specific one specific example of each from the readings. Please answer the above question after reading both the pdf files. Please answer the question in reference to the files. 

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The influential person i chose was John Wayne. Please use this prompt below to do the essay  Students must choose an influential person in cinema history whose career began  before 1950. This individual can be from any nation and can have worked in any  part of the film industry. You will write three FULL pages […]

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HIST 1302 Core Assessment Instructions: Carefully read and analyze the following two documents and write an 800 word essay to answer the following question: Based on the two documents, how has the racial history of the United States shaped racial relations in society today? Having considered these questions, write an essay of at least 800 […]

Bibliography about history of times square

   1) An annotated bibliography–a list of 5 sources, 3 of which must be primary sources, cited accurately according to whatever official format you prefer and then featuring 2-3 sentences per source about what information is in it, how it fits in with your other sources, and how it is useful to your project. About […]

History | History homework help

  History 103 questions  Choose 3  Be thorough in your response.  Make a CLAIM, support it with at least 3 examples/evidence, and conclude with a brief analysis (why does this matter).  Length: 1-2 pages per response. Single spaced is fine.  Choose just THREE of the following questions. Use assigned course readings, activities, and notes. How […]

Dear abby history letter | History homework help

   Women Figure from 1920 that was assigned:  Alice Paul Each of you is assigned a women of the 1920s. Write into Dear Abby playing the role of that women. Respond to “Confused” from your figure’s point of view.  1. Research your figure and make a list of 5 things you learned about her point […]

20th-century philosophy paper | History homework help

 Review Ch. 35 and the Electronic Reserve Readings. Write a 350- to 700-word  paper in which you research and identify three prevailing philosophical  perspectives at work during the 20th century.  For example, you may  select Existentialism, Objectivism, and Value-Ethics. Provide an overview of each of the philosophies–where it arose, who created it, and its major […]

Hist 1302 paper | History homework help

INSTRUCTIONS.  A. Choose one of the following  questions below, and write an essay containing at least 1200 words using the MLA format. B. Include at least three references,  do not use Wikipedia or the textbook, The Unfinished Nation. The reference page is not included in the 1200 essay word count. C.  Double spaced with 12 point […]