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The series of research assignments We did are designed to help you successfully complete an original research project using historical arguments, analysis, and information obtained through credible sources. This project, as indicated above, must connect to one or more of the themes we will study. You must include and critically analyze a variety of primary […]

300 words responses for others discussion answers due in 1.5 hours

1. Option C. Discuss the beliefs and practices of the Jains. Why do you think they did not become as numerous or expand as deeply into other parts of Asia as Buddhism did?  Jainism is an ancient religion from India which teach people to take care about all the human beings in the universe. Jains […]

500 word essay | History homework help

  In a minimum 500 word essay please review the website (http://millercenter.org/president/monroe) for design and content. Be sure to answer the following questions within your essay after presented an introduction in which you provide the reader with the basic information regarding the website and a section in which you discuss the design/layout of the website. […]

Library project: • students are expected to write one two-page

   · Students are expected to write one two-page paper by conducting research on one of the following three questions (using Times New Roman, 1 ½ spaced and exactly two pages, no more and no less): 1) what does it mean to worship natural phenomena? 2) What does it mean to become a true/authentic person? […]

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Watch the video and answer the question  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xkpDeD9clk The Black Death, during the middle of the 14th century, is perhaps the most catastrophic event to have plagued western society. Still, there were some positives that emerged out of the ashes of this epidemic. What do you think the most important legacy of the Black Death is?

History Respond ( Forging the modern world: 1- The many worlds of the fifteenth century, 2- the new global interface, 3- The paradoxes of early modern empire.

History Respond ( Forging the modern world: 1- The many worlds of the fifteenth century, 2- the new global interface, 3- The paradoxes of early modern empire.

History discussion board 10 sentences, government one page essay

  GENERAL INFORMATION Densho is a Japanese term meaning “to pass on to the next generation.” Densho is also the name of a Seattle-based organization that works to preserve and share the history of the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. Members do so to promote equity and justice today. Densho offers an American […]

To finish the start paper of “history of lobotomy” in a total of 9

Please write 6 more pages of the draft paper I uploaded.  I need a total of 6 resources. I have 4 more resources if you want to use them.  1-  Jęczmińska, K. (2018). History of lobotomy in Poland. History of Psychiatry, 29(1), 3-21. 2-  Pressman, J. (1998). Last resort : Psychosurgery and the limits of medicine (Cambridge history […]

Research project | History homework help

Option One: Research Notable Deaf Performance Organization or Person Choose a Deaf Theatre Organization or Individual such as Deaf West Theatre Company, National Theatre of the Deaf, Theatre Arts Programs at Gallaudet University or NTID, playwright Willy Conley, deaf dancer Nina Falaise or NTD founders David Hays or Bernard Bragg. In a written paper or […]

Module/week 7 — policy analysis in criminal justice organizations

Overview    This module/week focuses on environmental and energy policy questions. The emphasis on the possibility of partnerships between government and other spheres within society—businesses, non-profits, communities, etc—will be continued. Learning Outcomes    Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:       Identify key policy issues relating to the criminal justice arena. […]

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