John mureith | History homework help

 Each question need to be 50 words 1. What key descriptors create a functional definition of ethics? 2. How can building appropriate relationships with students aid in effective teaching and learning? 3. Explain the three R’s of effective teaching: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. 4.  How can having a strong understanding of the meaning of ethics […]

Reading summary 1.2 – ethical theory

Read, summarize, explain, and evaluate the main points of  (THREE)  of the assigned chapters on ethical theory (chapters 1-5) in a minimum of 6 paragraphs. Do not simply cut and paste from the reading, but summarize the main points in your own words.

Disciple making plan | History homework help

   Disciple-Making Plan Instructions You will create a detailed explanation of your personal plan to develop disciples for Jesus Christ within a ministry context. To develop your plan, thoroughly cover the 5 P’s of ministry as explained in the course textbooks: 1. Passages—What are the main discipleship passages that guide your ministry? Who are you […]