Human Resource Management

Assignment 4: risks and rewards

  Activity Context This assessment measures your progress in mastering the following course competencies: Analyze HRM programs and other related systems within an organization that supports employee engagement and commitment. Analyze HRM’s role in adhering to laws and regulations that ensure employee rights and manage risk.Activity InstructionsRefer to the “Modern Appliances” case study to identify […]

Unit 2 db | Human Resource Management homework help

In this discussion board, you will have the opportunity to discover and validate your conflict management style. Follow these steps to complete your posting:   1. Take the Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory–II (ROCI–II). You can access this inventory by clicking the following link; complete and score the results of the three forms:   2. After […]

Essay | MHR 6751 – Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining | Columbia Southern University

Outline the difference in responsibilities of a local union representative, a shop steward, and an international or national union representative.  How do their roles differ in the labor relations process?  This essay needs to be one page in length. 

Stakeholders responses to organizational change

  Resources: Stakeholder Responses to Organizational Change Scenario and the Sample Executive Summary. Read the Stakeholder Responses to Organizational Change document. Create three additional facts of your choosing to add to the above scenario for purposes of this assignment.  Highlight these in the paper. Prepare an Executive Summary for Harry and Rosalie on how you, […]

Email communication responses – no. 2 performance appraisal issues

Read Email No. 2 concerning a memo needed to respond to Smith’s inquiry about Megan Pearce’s performance issues, her performance appraisal and appropriate type of performance appraisal instruments, and your recommendation as to whether or not she should ultimately be kept on or terminated.   Complete Smith’s directions and the instructions in the email.   […]

Deliverable 3 – change management roles

  Competency Examine various roles in change management. Instructions Organizational change initiatives are a team effort. It is the job of the leadership team to ensure that transition is a success. To do so, the right leaders must be put in place, and each must hold a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Examine […]

Unit 4 training and development

   QUESTION 1   In the past year at Carter’s Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing  Company, eight employees experienced minor injuries (cuts) from handling metal  parts. One employee lost 15 workdays after getting debris in his eye while  grinding, six employees lost two days each due to back strains, and four  welders were treated for minor burns. […]

Discussion board | Human Resource Management homework help

Course Objectives:   300 word repsonse Analyze the supply chain theory practices as they relate to the procurement manager’s role and responsibilities Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business negotiation situations, and construct a negotiation plan Assess the regulation of contracting and the requirements of the U.S. Government procurement and contracting requirements Evaluate the basic elements […]

Final project reflection | Human Resource Management homework help

 Details: For this assignment, review the feedback you received from your instructor on each submission developed during this course. Develop a synopsis of your outcomes for acquiring, developing, training, and leveraging on human capital within your organization. You are not required to submit each assignment again, but you are required to evaluate your assignment, the […]

Decision making and problem solving | group behavior in organizations | Ashford University

Decision Making and Problem Solving. Due by Day 7. History is replete with examples of decision making that inadequately addressed problem-solving.  Truth be told, most people (if not all) have such examples in personal life too. Develop a 700 to 1,000-word paper that addresses the following: Describe a historic example (either social or personal) of […]