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Mis discussion | BA 602 Management Information Systems | Campbellsville University

  Cyber Security and Risk Management Read at least two (2) academically reviewed articles on Cyber Security and Risk Management and complete the following activities: (Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor may check the originality of all posts. Avoid copy-and-paste. 1.     Summarize the two (2) articles in 300 words or more. Please use your own […]

week 4 discussion

  Welcome to your forth week discussion. As you all read, according to Kirk (2016), most of your time will be spent working with your data.  The four following group actions were mentioned by Kirk (2016): Data acquisition: Gathering the raw material Data examination: Identifying physical properties and meaning Data transformation: Enhancing your data through […]

Formal simulation model in policy-making

 Use the readings and your research to examine a formal simulation model in policy-making. Consider the following as you review the literature: How does the model fit into the need of a selected organization? How can validity and formality be applied to the model? Your submission should be approximately 600 words and demonstrate proper APA […]


Review Scenario 5, “LifeLock: Keeping Your Identify Safe” in the “Making Business Decisions” section of “Business Plug-In B6: Information Security” in Business Drive Technology. Based on the scenario, do additional research to identify ways to limit security threats. Then write a 2- to 3-page analysis of  the identity scenario by answering the following questions: From […]

Discussion | information goverance | university of cumberlands

The identification and the introduction of the principles, and the characteristics of a successful Information Governance program.  Identify these Principles, explain their importance, and apply them to a scenario in your workplace,  in 250 words.

HCS 335

In this assignment you’ll examine the role of a health care manager regarding ethical issues and decision-making. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your professional skills in conducting interviews and communication, in general. Being able to have professional conversations with all stakeholders in an organization, including managers at various levels, is an important skill to […]

Assignment – 2 | Information Systems homework help

STRIDE is a popular threat modeling technique commonly used to discover the security weaknesses of a software system. For this assignment (a) research and discuss the limitations associated with STRIDE, (b) Create your own attack tree using the example in Chapter 4 “Example Attack Tree” p95 as a reference point, (c) research and discuss the […]

Discussion- data science & big data analysis

  Review the information on R in this week’s readings, lecture, and supplemental material. a. Provide what you believe are the pros and cons of using a tool such as R instead of Python, another popular tool. b. Discuss how R & Python are different tools than tools that are used for data prep such […]

midterm management support systems

  Integrate technology and business Research various technologies used for Business Performance and Dashboards. As the IT Manager of a small to medium size business (500 – 1000 employees); prepare a proposal for a dashboard system that will allow for current business status as well as the ability to assist in predictive analytics.  I will […]

Data visualization | Information Systems homework help

   Summarize all the data visualization techniques (and its applications) in R. Please use the textbook and other resources. A minimum of three references are required. Please follow the guidelines given below. 1. A maximum of 500 words, and a minimum of 350 words. Graphics will not be counted towards the word-limit or paging. 2. […]

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