Part I: After reading the lesson this week, name one of this week’s authors you could relate to in some way. Why? What about that author did you connect with?

Reading Material MLA style.   SEE ATTACHMENT   From Sand Creek” by Simon   Ortiz in the textbook, American   Literature Since the Civil War   “A Postcard from the Volcano”   by Wallace Stevens in the   textbook, American Literature   Since the Civil War   “Why I Write” by Joan Didion in   the […]

analyzing films

As your watching the film, answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Your answers should explain how well you understand the story, the plot, its structure, the characters and the relevant action of the story/film. Please spend time with your answers. These questions require some thought. You must express how you believe […]

Assessments and evaluation instruments used to assess learning in the workplace

Select or create two different assessments or evaluation instruments that could be used to assess learning in the workplace and analyze each to determine whether it is formative or summative, whether it is valid, and whether it is reliable. In a well-constructed, scholarly essay of 3-4 pages, present your findings. Support your ideas with research […]

Due tmmr !

You have identified a problem or need in your workplace or in your community for which you would like to recommend a solution.  You will write the proposal memo. In this proposal memo, you will seek approval to begin work on this project, which will include an investment of your time to conduct primary and secondary […]

Literature Editorial

Persuasive public speaking? Drama? Actual happenings? What happened to create the trials and deaths of people in Salem back in 1692? Could it happen again?   You’ve looked at both primary and secondary sources concerning the Salem Witch Trials. Now, it’s your turn to report on the incident by writing a persuasive editorial for an imaginary newspaper […]

film assignment

Compare and contrast the differences and similarities between experience of a narrative via old media and via new media. Choose a particular film that portrays an old medium. If you want to go old school by looking at print media (the press or manga), check out Scandal or Otaku Video, For those interested in the […]

Managing Innovation Assignment (WEEK 4)

This is Managing Innovation course (MGMT307). To sum it all there are 4 tasks to complete. Task 1,2, and 4 can be written in one document. Please write a separate document for task 3. Also attached to this are the documents that will be useful to complete the tasks.   FOR TASK 3: My prof […]

Gilgamesh for Prof. Jim

Assignment 3: Essay: Compare Ideas of Heroism  By Wednesday, July 23, 2014, write an essay comparing the ancient concept of heroism with your own definition, and post it to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox. The essay should be 400-500 words long and contain: An introduction with a clear thesis stating the similarities and/or differences between the ancient […]

Assignment is needed for Final research paper

Final Research Paper Research the responsibility of a critical thinker in a contemporary society. You may choose any topic that deals with a contemporary social concern. Examine the principles of critical thought in relation to the chosen societal concern, and consider the importance of ethics, moral reasoning, a research-based process to search for truth, and […]

Ayn Rand Institute essay contest Once purchased must delete

CHOSSEN TOPIC:   Equality knows that his invention will benefit mankind greatly. However, this was not his primary motivation in conducting his experiments, and it is not the primary source of the joy and the pride he experiences in his work. What is his primary motivation? Do you think that Equality is right to be […]