The role of accounting | Mathematics homework help

Summarize in no more than 700 words the role of accounting in a global business operating environment including the following key elements: •Regulatory environment. •Compliance with accounting standard (US GAAP or IFRS). •Uses for internal and external stakeholders. •Limitations of financial reporting.

A statistics article 15pages | Mathematics homework help

Select any one of the following and write an article on the topic. (The article should at least have an abstract, introduction, literature review, models, application, conclusion and references.  Minimum of 13 pages and maximum of 15 pages, size=12 points, spacing=1.15. An example of analysis of a selected data set should be included. If you […]

Misty and Yesenia have a group of Base Ten Blocks. Misty has six more blocks than Yesenia. Yesenia's blocks represent…

Misty and Yesenia have a group of Base Ten Blocks. Misty has six more blocks than Yesenia. Yesenia’s blocks represent…

Elementary statistics case study | Mathematics homework help

Insert your responses and email the document to me when you are done (if you come across a term that you are not familiar with then do a search on the Internet). Case Study 1: Restaurant Tipping   Context A food server’s tip in restaurants may be influenced by many factors including the nature of […]

urgent math project | Mathematics homework help

  Math Project  The project will consist of  long project. Some of the projects are very structured and require you to complete specific steps or problems. Other projects are very open ended and just offer you some mathematical ideas that you need to form into a project. Roughly, a long project would be approximately 10 […]

Assignment 4: planning tools application

  Assignment 4: Planning Tools Application Through the course of this semester a number of planning tools have been presented: Comprehensive planning, Zoning, public involvement, GIS, NEPA, public health impact assessments, capital improvement programing, housing development, and transportation planning.  See the syllabus if you have questions about what is considered a tool.  Consider the problem […]

Xyz | Mathematics homework help

XYZ Corporation produces a commercial product that is in great demand by consumers on a national basis. Unfortunately, near the plant where it is produced there is a large population of dove-tail turtles who are adversely affected by contaminants from the plant. XYZ has a filtering process that is expensive and any increase in filtering […]

Bus math qrb501 wk1 qu-7

Business Math, Ch. 6 Relating a definition to reality   How does this relate to reality and your life, though?  Please, class, we need real world examples (and please not examples with a lot of calculations).  These learning activities are designed to help you connect the concepts to reality.    Here’s an example:   I […]

Choose one | Mathematics homework help

   Directions: Submit a one-page paper. Choose one of the three choices below: Choice 1 – Visit websites devoted to either opposing or supporting the use of polygraph tests. Summarize the arguments on both sides, specifically noting the role that false negative rates play in the discussion. What are your thoughts regarding the polygraph test? […]

Descriptive and inferential statistics (creating a report from data)

Follow the instructions below and use the data in the spreadsheet attached to submit your results/answers based on the information provided.    Instructions: Please evaluate, display, and interpret the attached dataset (tab named “Data”). Your results and discussions should be created and entered on additional worksheets within this Excel file. Please use descriptive and inferential […]