Ceer | Environmental science homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to increase your awareness of environmental events – many of which have significant impact on all of us yet rarely show up in mainstream media. Through this assignment, you will connect your readings and Forum Discussions to the “real world” and in doing so, begin to see the interrelatedness of the natural, economic, social, and cultural environments of our world.


  • Over the semester, you may turn in (1) Current Environmental Event Report  (CEER) for 10 points in extra credit.
  • Find a current (within the past 12 months) environmental news event online or in print (English language only). Download the EVR1001_CEER Table.rtf file and complete the attached table
    • I encourage you to examine a wide range of media sources and find articles you are personally interested in (because that’s one of the questions you’ll answer)
    • You may wish to begin looking at the World Events & News sites at Cool & Useful Environmental Links listed under Tools and Resources on the left side of this page.
    • Check your Calendar for due dates.  
    • Find a good media source not on this list? Email me the link and I’ll see about adding it to the collection.
  • Complete all of the boxes of the table
    • Boxes will expand as you type. Limit the table to one (full) to two pages maximum.
    • Remember to use your ENC 1101 class guidelines when writing your summary.
      • Begin with a clear topic sentence.
      • The “story” is told in a logical sequence
      • Use specific examples in connecting this event to the course.
      • Make sure you describe why and how it’s connected.
      • End with a clear concluding sentence.
      • Word-processed, 1.0 spaced lines, 10 point font.
      • Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar and mechanics (these count in your grade)
    • Save the table with your name_CEER# and file extensionPlace it in the appropriate Drop Box by the designated date on the Calendar.
      • Ex. YourName_CEER1.doc or YourName_CEER1.rtf (no other file extensions are acceptable)  

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