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2-3 full page essay on the “Cicero and the plot to kill caeser” and the questions are


1. What Can you infer from these letters about how well prepared Brutus and Cassius were to take control of the government after Caesar’s death?


2. What do these sources suggest about Cicero’s importance?


3. What was Cicero’s view of Octavian? Of Anthony? 




When writing your essay, you MUST use the following settings:

·         1 inch margins on all sides

·         Double-spaced paragraphs with no adjustment before or after paragraphs (that means “0pt” in the Before and After sections under the “Paragraph Settings” button in Microsoft Word)

·         12 point Times New Roman font

·         Use the left alignment only

·         The beginning of each paragraph should be indented half an inch (or 1 TAB space).

·         Your name, the assignment name, chosen document, and date will need to be single-spaced in the upper corner of your paper.


·         There should only be two lines of space between your personal information and the beginning of your essay. 

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