College of Central Florida Risk Action Plan Discussion

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please respond to these 2 clasSMATES 

answer 1 

The Risk register can be considered as a risk action plan that consists of the organization’s situation in terms of the anticipated risks and the possible actions/solutions (Hopkin, 2017). The risk register is helpful to assess the organization’s current situation based on the likelihood of the risk occurrence and its impact level. Having a clear dynamic risk register will enable the team project members to undertake the correct response in a timely manner.

However, currently, I am working with the public safety department at the East Falls campus on planning for establishing a closed Point of Distribution center at the East Falls campus to deliver medical services at emergency times. The closed POD goal is to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to the TJU East Falls community when the vaccine becomes available. To ensure people’s safety during such time, several safety measures related to the COVID-19 protection guidelines must be taken which require detailed planning and having enough staff members to implement the plan.

Therefore, I started thinking of the possible risks that could face the team and hinder the success of the operations. For example, because most of the team members are either volunteers or members who are not always present at the campus, the lack of enough team members may cause operation failure. Additionally, lack of logistics support may result in an ‘uncontrolled scene’ and non-compliance with the COVDI-19 safety guidelines such as social distancing. Finally, attached is a risk register for the POD operations.


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answer 2

One method to anticipate and manage risks in the organizational environment is to develop a risks register (Hopkin, 2017). Risks register is a written instrument organization uses to identify possible risks and defines their approach to these risks (Hopkin, 2017). According to Hopkin there is no single or official way to develop such an instrument. Developing risks register depends on what the organization wants to gain from the instrument.

Based on my previous experience in Saudi Red Crescent, I developed risks register for the field daily operations in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Red Crescent is the exclusive provider for all out of hospital medical emergencies within the country. They respond to more than 15k calls a month within the Riyadh area alone, according to January 2019 statistics (SARCA, 2019). This enormous call volume puts them at significant risks regarding staffing, logistics, and technical issues. I focused on four frequent risks I used to see daily, which notably affects the service. I used the likelihood and magnitude approach in my risks register.


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