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You will write the last part of Section IV (Parts D and E) and the conclusion (Section V) of your final project. To complete Section IV, you will develop organizational improvement outcomes that serve as a direct solution to the organizational issue (validated by human behavior theories and evidence of supportive research). The last phase of this milestone, Section V, is to recommend strategic actions that provide proactive leadership, considering human behavior theories and concepts that support your recommendations. Combining your conclusion with your work, submit your comprehensive case study analysis. The conclusion is the final phase of the case study analysis. For this last phase of the project, you will gather your final thoughts regarding the case study and your workplace analysis. Your final submission should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project. This submission will be graded with the Final Project Rubric. 

The conclusion is your opportunity to gather your final thoughts regarding the case study as well as your workplace analysis. 

  1. a) Summarize key points of analysis in the case study. 
  2. b) Summarize insights gained from practical application of human behavior theories and concepts to an actual workplace. 

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