Create a list of go-to resources for up to date info environmental

Create a list of go-to resources for up to date info environmental and sustainability information. These will likely be primarily news and associations.  Give each one a one-sentence description of what you find helpful about it.


Wikis provide students with an effective collaboration tool. This easy-to-use tool facilitates collaboration, information dissemination, and application of learning, providing meaningful connections with the content and relating new knowledge with personal experience.


For an excellent illustration of the utility and function of wikis, view Wikis in Plain English by Common Craft. For more information about Blackboard wikis, review these tutorials.


While wikis are specifically appropriate for group work, they can also be used in individual artifact(s) creation. In an individual wiki, collaboration happens between the student and the instructor (instead of between group members).  The wiki eliminates the need for multiple submissions of unique drafts. In effect, the wiki becomes the workspace where the student practices and perfects the project until the final submission. 


Requirements of submission:  When applicable, discipline-appropriate citations must be used.


Instructor feedback: Students can find formative feedback for these assignments in the comments section of their wikis.


See next page for rubrics: Individual Wiki and Group Wiki.

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