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Create a fictional company with a product of your choice. I would like you to think of a product that is not already being sold. Talk with your family or friends. You always hear people say “I wish they sold this or I wish I had that”. Well now is your chance. In your assignment, submit the following:

Company Name

Product Description – this should include a visual graphic of your proposed product

Business Type: This is the main part of the assignment. Based on the factors below, decide which type of business best fits your needs.  Include reasons for why this type of business was the best way to go.

  • You are an inexperienced entrepreneur with no money
  • You have a slient partner who is willing to provide you with the funds necessary to start your business
  • Although you have an investor, more funds are needed for your business
  • Production of your product may lead to a large tort judgement against your company
  • You are an expert on the product you would like to sell
  • You wish to maintain control of your business with the hopes of selling your product nationwide

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