Creating and implementing effective advertising messages

Category: Business & Finance


Need by 01 Nov 2015 by 2300hrs EST in 1 – 2 pages


Take your ad from the previous unit (attached) and now using the knowledge you have gained from your readings, perfect your ad and resubmit it to the Dropbox. This revision should show some thought. Underneath your revised ad, describe what you encountered in your reading that helped you to refine it and improve it.


Then look at the 5 considerations on pages 208–210. Analyze your ad to determine and explain how your ad meets these 5 considerations.


You may use this book for reference:  Shimp, T.A. (2010). Advertising promotions and other aspects of integrated marketing communications (8th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.


Need by 01 Nov 2015 by 2300hrs EST in 1 – 2 pages


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