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Assignment 1

In 3-5 pages, including title page and reference page, respond to the following questions:

Explain the value of footprint or footwear evidence, how to preserve and photograph the evidence, and how to cast the impressions.

Discuss the procedures used in the examination of firearms evidence.

Use materials from the text and/or any outside resources to support your response.

You may use the textbook as a source, along with personal interviews, research and scholarly academic journals, available through the Kaplan online library. Follow American Psychological Association (APA) format with proper citations and references.

Download the Unit 9 Assignment Checklist(Included)


Assignment 2

Set up a mock crime scene in your vehicle and process it for evidence as you would at a real burglary to motor vehicle. Take pictures of the evidence and collect it by using the method of your choice. Note: for this learning activity you will not have package the evidence.

Submit at least four or five photos in a PowerPoint presentation with an explanation of the crime scene. Post your presentation in the Unit 9 Dropbox titled “Assignment 2.”


NOTE: if you do not have access to a digital camera, you may use a camera phone.

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