critical analysis

Category: Literature

critical analysis of a piece of literature.   Either a poem, short story, novel, or play/dramab.  

 It will analyze the piece of literature for:i.   Technical aspects and how they add to a theme or meaningii.   Themeiii.   Meaningiv.   

.II.Technical requirements of the paper. 

a.   Three (3) pages minimumi.   This means full pages of text (not three pages of paper)

ii.   Times New Roman 12 font with one inch margins. 

iii.   Double spacediv.   Do not place spaces between paragraphs. 

b.   MLA formatc.   Minimum five (5) outside sources used in the body of the paper (this means quotes, summaries or paraphrase of an idea).

d.   Three sources (3) must not be electronic (internet)

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