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Profanity and Communication

Appropriate language does not include profanity or vulgar expressions (especially in public speaking or in the workplace – see chapter 6)

Over the years it has become more common due to the influence of TV, film, and music (media who aim to shock and entertain).

Competent communicators avoid using profanity because it is more likely to damage relationships rather than strengthen them.

  • Some Reasons Why People Use Profanity

Assert independence 

  • Hard habit to break

Filler expressions

  • Communicate strong emotions

To shock and intimidate

To communicate disgust or contempt

                                                               Profanity and Eavesdropping Assignment


Students are to:

1. Eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation. This can be done anywhere! (In line at the movies, at a party or gathering, at a sporting event etc…)

2. Write a paper answering the following questions:

1. What did you overhear?

2. What was the effect on others who were around or who were listening?

3. Did gender or culture have an effect on the profanity used? If so, how?

4. Why do you think the communicators used profanity?

5.Did it have an effect on the communication or message being sent?

6. How does profanity affect language today?

7. In your opinion, is it a barrier or a bridge to communication?

8. In your opinion, what does the use of profane language say about the person using it? How do you view them? In your opinion, are people who use profanity stereotyped? If so, how?

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