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Overview:  A design document consists of various elements including a style guide and navigation structure. Creating the style guide is one of the more creative aspects of a mobile application. As the style guide is created this week, you want to establish the colors and fonts that will be used throughout the mobile application. These design and style choices should directly reflect the purpose of the mobile app and appeal to the target audience. This style guide should help ensure that the visual aspects of the website will be consistent regardless of the page users will be on in the site. Each style guide would consist of a proposed set of color swatches with their hexadecimal color code to ensure that the exact same colors are being used throughout the entire design of the mobile application. The style guide package would also consist of the font specifications that will be used within the app. The fonts should be selected for the buttons, navigation and the text at the minimum. These fonts should be displayed using the actual font and size that you are proposing. The mobile application navigation should provide information about the navigation process between the various screens. The information that should be created in this visual diagram should be presented in a flowchart. The flowchart should list all the planned main screens and identify how the pages are going to be linked together. Note that some of your screens are universally accessible such as the home screen whereas other screens may only be accessible based on specific criteria. This flowchart will provide a blueprint for the mobile navigation designating how the various screens will be connected. Instructions: • Create a design document that consists of the style guide that will be used for your project along with the navigational structure for your project. These design decisions will help solidify the look and feel of your project along with a guide of what the main screens of your app will be. • Make sure to include the welcome/home screen, main app screen, and the credits at the very least. • Include the flowchart for a blueprint for the mobile navigation designating how the various screens will flow. CIS290 – Mobile Application Development Design Document Requirements: • Submit a Word document that consists of the style guide and the flowchart for the navigation.

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