Developing a positive classroom climate

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Developing a Positive Classroom Climate

As you have learned, creating a positive environment that values and promotes social and emotional development and prosocial skills is foundational to positive guidance. This week’s video program presents one early childhood professional, Head Start teacher Robert Recio, explaining how he creates a positive climate.


Review the video program, “Developing a Positive Classroom Climate.” As you watch, consider how Recio:


  • Creates a positive classroom climate
  • Uses positive discipline
  • Models responding to children as individuals and being aware of their unique needs
  • Fosters prosocial skills.


By Day 3:

Post a response to the following:

  • Share your thinking about two of the points above
  • Keeping in mind what you have been learning about child guidance and prosocial skills, describe what stood out for you as you watched Recio and other teachers interacting with children, family members, and each other, and explain why.

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