Discussion 3.1: Scavenger Hunt

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Discussion 3.1: Scavenger Hunt

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In this exercise, use the interactive activity below to decipher the clues and answer the question. It consists of a series  of 20 clues that reference important people, places, and deities of the  Ancient World. Using what you’ve learned in your textbook and videos  (and maybe a little Googling), answer as many as you can. Record your answers from the activity on the downloadable key herePreview the document. This  “map” holds all of your clues to decode and has the final question.  When you decode the clues, work with your classmates in your discussion  group to solve.

NOTE: To load the activity below, click on the shield in the upper left or right-hand corner of your browser window or use the non-interactive version herePreview the document.

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