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Use the video and file for the Discussion Board Reflections 

Is technology neutral? For example, Green discusses gun control in her discourse. Use your own examples (other than gun control) to illustrate your position to answer if technology is neutral. (I am sure many of you have strong feelings on this, but I want you to find examples other than gun control to express those emotions). Then, let’s dive into discussing what answers do you see for the future in regards to technological advances?  What specific technological advancements are available to us today to mitigate the crisis Gildman is referring to?  What can you do personally to be part of the solution?  I urge you to dive deeply on this subject, it’s critical.


Discussion Board Reflections Instructions

 I encourage you to write from your experiences, to foreground your own voice, but only in the service of enlivening your scholarly analysis. I expect you to use APA latest format for your cited “data” (in-text and as reference!). In your “data” you will refer to 2 outside sources (outside sources = materials you’ll research on your own – these sources have not been provided by our class) and 2 inside sources (inside sources = material provided to you in this class: videos, journal articles, etc), in addition to your critical narration about your own experiences and insights. 

The rule of thumb for our reflections should be 500-1000 word count (the equivalent of 2-4 pages, double spaced) in Word.doc. 

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