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nalyze organizational processes to identify information systems requirements 

For your Stage 3 assignment, you will analyze the hiring process at Chesapeake IT Consulting (CIC) to identify the essential requirements for the hiring system.  For this discussion, you will practice analyzing processes to identify functional requirements for a system to improve a process.

Some students may still have difficulty identifying processes; be sure to refer to the week 2 readings that describe various processes and review the Week 3 discussion.  Keep in mind that a process is a set of specified steps to accomplish a task.

This week’s discussion topic focuses on system requirements that need to be clearly written so that the people who are developing the system or evaluating a system for use can discern whether the requirements are met or not. 

The requirement statement:

  • Is a complete sentence, with a subject (system) and predicate (intended result, action or condition)
  • Identifies only one requirement; does not include the words “and,” “also,” “with,” and “or.”
  • For Functional Requirements, states what tasks the system will support or perform
  • For Non-Functional Requirements, states how the system will perform.
  • Includes a measure or metric that can be used to determine whether the requirement is met (time or quantity), where appropriate
  • Is stated in positive terms and uses “shall” (not “may” or “should”); “the system shall xxxx” not “the system shall not xxx”
  • Avoids the use of terms that cannot be defined and measured, such as “approximately,” “robust,” “user friendly,” etc.
  • Is achievable; avoids terms such as “100% uptime,” or “no failures”

For a more in-depth discussion and some examples, see:  https://jessica80304.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/smart-requirements/ 

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