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Discussion Reply: Outside Research/Peer Reviewed Journal sources. Just as you did with your main post!) Make sure you reflect on the question before posting to our discussion board. Also, make sure your posts integrate material from the textbook and other sources used. Also, posts must be germane to the topic, succinct, and grammatically correct. 

Mission statements are a crucial part of a business and organization.   They are the fundamental part that holds the value of the company, not only internally but externally. “Mission statements are a way to direct a business in the right direction, and they play a part in helping a business make sound decisions that can be beneficial to the revenue stream. Without a mission statement, businesses may struggle when it comes to planning” (Wolfe, 2019).

Upon the completion of the evaluation of the three mission statements from the three different companies, I have concluded that Bristol-Myers Squibb Company has the best mission statement.  I thought that statement above the two others were able to hit on the most of the nine characteristics, which the authors of the book highlighted, but was able to do so more briefly than Aflac.  The mission statement was also able to highlight many of the nine components, including customers, which are patients, products which are medicines, the technology which was underlined by emphasizing innovation, and philosophy, which is prevailing over diseases (David & David, 2017). According to Ward (2018), the mission statement expresses a company’s purpose and serves as a way of unifying the organization.  For this reason, I also felt that this company also had the most inspiring mission statement.  The mission statement was very motivational for any potential clients, and I thought it could be a good rallying or battle call for many of the employees who work at the company.  Knowing you are going to work every day to find ways to help people prevail over serious diseases sounds more inspiring and enduring than just helping them to a better path of health.  Even though all three mission statements were grand, they all can be improved by addressing social responsibility.




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