DNA Technology

Category: Applied Sciences

DNA Technology Grading: This project is worth 45 points.

  • This project is to be done independently.
  • Find an article that involves DNA Technology in real world application. Examples
    disciplines could include pharmaceutical, diagnostic testing, gene therapy, agriculture,
  • Summarize the article, research the field of science and the technology involved.

What you need to include for full credit:
1. Fully summary of the article. (10 points)

  1. What a. b.
  2. What a. b.
  3. What a. b.

is the history behind this field of science? (10 points) Who were the pioneers?
What technology made this field possible?

are the global impacts of this technology? (10 points) Who does this effect? Explain
Has this changed anything in our society? Explain.

are the future application? (10 points)
What could it be used for in the future? Explain.
What are the possible positive and negative impacts for future generations?

5. Works Cited (5 points)
a. MLA format; 2 or more sources (these can be written at the end of your

transcript if doing a video)

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