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Topic: Hospice or palliative care

In your template,

1)  Describe the mission, vision, nature of the business, the services or products, and customers served by your chosen health care organization (Item 1).

2)  Identify two to three key problems that have profound impacts on one of the stated areas (Item 2).

3)  Propose a minimum of one solution to each of the identified problems (Item 3).

4)  Identify a minimum of three specific, measurable, attainable, realist, and timely (SMART) project goals (Item 4).

5)  Appraise two possible obstacles and opportunities in your proposed solutions (Item 5).

6)  Formulate a strategic (action) plan to accomplish goals and solutions (Item 6).

The Executive Summary Draft template

·  Must use at least seven scholarly, peer-reviewed, credible sources in addition to the course text. Each source should be published within the last five years

·  Use attached template

·  Also view the sample template for guidance on how to complete assignment

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