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Driskell, N. (n.d.) Global perspectives: How the top performing countries prepare primary teachers. National Center on Education and the Economy. Retrieved from http://ncee.org/2014/11/global-perspectives-how-the-top-performing-countries-prepare-primary-teachers/ 

Complete the initial formative questions. Use your responses to the formative questions to form your response to the synthesis question. 

Formative Questions: 

1. What are the concurrent and consecutive methods of teacher training? What are their strengths and weaknesses? 

2. What do you think are some of the features of the best systems for teacher preparation? 

3. What features do you believe could China and or the US best adapt for their own use? 

Synthesis Question: 

Review the teacher preparation system in your own province and in a memo to the provincial decision maker discuss how the system might be improved following this outline: 

1. Introduction to the issue: Why teacher preparation is important for educational success. What are the two systems and what are their strengths and weaknesses? Reference research findings as much as possible. 

2. What kind of system is used in the decision makers’ province? 

3. What kinds of adaptations and modifications you would recommend and why? 

4. Conclusion – Discuss whether the benefits outweigh the costs and provide a final reasoned and well supported recommendation. 

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