Each student is to select one of the following topics and work with

Category: Education

Each student is to select one of the following topics and work with it throughout the term
1. Dating: how students find partners
2. Does education pay: a study of students expectations in regards ***** ***** prospective jobs
3. why do student sit where they do in class
4.the social cause of the support of, or opposition to, decriminalization(or legalization)of marijuana use
5. the social cause of the support of, or opposition to, Canadian military involvement around the world
6.The social factors affecting attitudes towards the use of genetic screening in Canada
part 1
In this part of the project you will be identifying your topic from the provided list, specifying your research question and developed some preliminary plans for carrying out the research. your goal should be to convince us that you have a clear sense of what you intend to study. your specific data collection methods have been set for you- you must do qualitative interviews for part 2 and a survey for part 3. moreover, you will not have to do with deciding on how to select your samples as you will be simply reciting a set number of students (a convenience sample).
At this point you will need to do a preliminary literature reviews to help familiarize youeself with the area of study you have chosen. be sure to look at concepts and theory, substantive findings, and methods used. the reviews need not to be extensive. at this point at least useful piece of academic literature will suffice.
you will need t identify clearly and specifically what you intend to study by formulating a research question. be specific as you can. you must also identify key concepts and their use in your study.
you should identify key relationships/patterns that you think may be important for you investigation. At this point you need not state formal hypotheses as these will be developed following part of the project.
Do a preliminary consideration of ethical issues associated with your research.NOTE: Do not write a free flowing essay. your submission should be structured/organized according to the following headings:
1.Satement of the problem(5 marks out of 10): identify your topic and provide a clear statement of the research problem. identify the goals and the purpose of the research( analysis, interpretation, description, exploration). the literature review must be done in this part of your submission.
2. Key relationships and patterns(3 marks out of 10): Briefly identify and discuss key patterns and relationships you intend to focus on or expect to be of importance
3. Concepts(1 mark out of 10): identify and tentatively define the key concepts you are working with. refer to the definitions you find in the literature.
4. Ethics statement (1 mark out of 10). identify that you have read sections 1.0-3.8 by acknowledging the listed principles that are relevant to you study. identify any issues in your intended study that you feel may require particular ethical consideration.

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