EDU 567 University of Mary Clear Vision of Change in Project Initiation Journal

Category: Business & Finance



As a research component, this course provides an experience of submitting written work to a professional journal for peer review & publishing.

The journal is an essential tool for the researcher. It is comprised of pertinent, captured quotes from peer-reviewed sources. Researchers identify related peer-reviewed content, conduct a cursory read, identify relevant salient points, enter the comment (Aaha!-moment) within the journal, add key words to each entry, and appropriately cite it using APA format to include page numbers within source. When the research is complete, the journal provides an easy means for pulling together thoughts based upon the keywords defined within each journal entry. In effect, it provides rich, synthesized content to written work.  See: Sample Journal.docx


Students will conduct research during modules 1-3, which will supply content for the research paper due during module 4.

Identify a research topic specific to project management that interests you.

Create a journal that will be used for the next three weeks.

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