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email to your leader

Instructions:  You are a team leader of a project that is due on October 31, 2015.  You have 5 objectives to complete to accomplish the project.  Your team has not accomplished at least two of goals for the project.  You are writing an email to your manager explaining what has happened and the steps you are going to take to correct the problem.

  1.  You make up the company and project.
    1. Determine 5 objectives of the project (things you need to do to accomplish the project by October 31, 2015).
  2. You determine how your team has not met the objectives of the project, explaining what happened. Do not blame any of your team members specifically for the objectives not being met. 
  3. Outline the steps you are going to take to get the project back on track. 
  4. There is not set length for the email.  Your Manager’s name is Eugene Ogden.

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