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Write a style analysis (Instructions: 48-50) of at least 5 paragraphs of Alexandra Petri’s “Nasty Women Have Much Work to Do” (45-47).

Consult the example style analysis (53-55) and text it analyzes (50-52) as a model for your own paper.

The three elements of style I’m going to analyze are:

1. tone

2. metaphor

3. irony

Paragraph 1: Introduction 1. Attention-getter

2. Author, title, publication information of article

3. Brief explanation of author’s subject

4. Your thesis – that you will be analyzing 1, 2, 3 elements of style

Paragraph 2: First body paragraph

1. Topic sentence that introduces analysis of (first style element you will analyze)

2. one  example of (first style element you will analyze)

3. Explanations of how example connects to the author’s thesis. This is the analysis. Why is the example of the style element important? How does it help the author convey his or her idea, and what idea is that?

Paragraph 3: Second body paragraph (about second style element, written like par. 1) Paragraph 4: Third body paragraph (about third style element, written like par. 1) Paragraph 5: Conclusion Restate thesis: We can understand Petri’s point through a study of these three elements of her style, and they are all important because they show ___. (Make the reader remember the importance of everything you wrote). NOTE: You do not need to write this exact sentence, and you definitely need to write more than one sentence as your conclusion.


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