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This is a two part assignment – both need to be submitted seperatly but will be graded as one. 


PART 1- 

Some people you know say they don’t believe that the climate is changing.  , how would you respond?


Write a 525- to 700-word response in APA format including:


There is a concern in your community regarding the environment.  You’ve been tasked to research and present the concerns to your local or state government.

Perform an internet search to identify an instance of environmental pollution in your state.

Create a 5-to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation or a 350-to 525-word proposal.

  • Identify the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment.
  • Explain the causes of this pollution.
  • Recommend ways to prevent/clean up this type of environmental pollution.
  • Include appropriate images.

Use at least 2 outside references.

Format your presentation and references consistent with APA guidelines.



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