ENVR 200 University of South Carolina Natural History of South Carolina Presentation


Species Descriptions: Presentations/ Papers

You will assemble species descriptions in the form of a short presentation and paper.The paper should be at least 2 pages double-spaced or 1 page single spaced. Your name, date, references, etc. DO NOT count toward your 1 page length.You also need a powerpoint presentation. Save it on a disk and bring it to class.Both of these assignments should cover the information described below.

Your presentation and paper is a single assignment and should cover one plant AND one animal, and both the plant and animal should be native to South Carolina.You can use your field guides to help you with this.In addition, the internet has plenty of resources for finding plants and animals in this area.To help, I have given a few websites below.

For your presentation, do not include video clips.I want to hear from YOU. For your paper, do not copy and paste something from a website.I will know.I want your words. If you choose to use something that needs to be cited (research, etc.), use proper citation format for this.Format for citations will be posted on blackboard, but you should also visit the library for help on this.

– Scientific and common names

– Taxonomy of the species (from Kingdom down to species)

– Translate scientific name if possible (try googling the “botanary at Dave’s Garden” or use a Latin or Greek dictionary)

– Habitat and range of the species

– Any historical uses of the species (may not be available)

– Feeding, diet, nutritional needs of the species (not usually needed for plants)

– Reproductive habits of the species

– Conservation status of the species (is it rare, etc.)

– Ecological role of the species (how does it connect to others?)

– Any other interesting, noteworthy aspects of the species

– Definitely include a photo for the presentation part

– If available, your presentation and paper should include the following for each plant and animal species:

– Give us your impression of this species…

Below are just a few of MANY websites to get you started finding species. See me well in advance if you are having trouble finding one.
















SC plants


SC Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species Inventory


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